Frequently Asked Questions

How can I participate in the Alef Education Award 2022?
  • Visit the award website:
  • Check out all of the categories and decide what works best for you
  • Read the criteria file for your chosen category carefully
  • Wait for the registration to open, and register in the category that suits you
I have read the questions and answers provided here, but I still have some questions that need clarification. What should I do?
  • Visit the award website:
  • Check out all the categories and decide which one suits you best
  • Read the criteria file for your chosen category carefully

If you need more clarification, you can reach out to the technical support team

When can I register for the Alef Education Award?

Registration will open soon, follow us on Alef Education’s social media channels, and you will see a banner on Alef platform.

I participated in the Alef Education Award in its previous seasons, can I participate in the current season?

Yes, you can participate again.

Do I have the right, as a participating teacher in the Alef Teacher category, to also participate in the Most Engaged Parent category?

No, you can only participate in one category.

Does the award include private schools that follow the American or British curriculum?

Yes, the Alef Education Award in its current season includes private schools that implement the Alef Education Platform.

How can I access the Alef Education Award website?

Visit the link:

Is the nomination application submitted to the award in person, or only through the school administration?

The nomination request is submitted in person by visiting the website, when the registration for the award opens.

During which time period will my performance be evaluated on the Alef platform?

Candidate data is evaluated on the Alef platform during the second and third terms of the current academic year.

What happens after I submit my application?

The nominations and evidence are reviewed by a professional evaluation team. Then, the results will be announced in November.

You may refer to the Alef Education Award Timeline.

Is participation only for candidates who are citizens of the United Arab Emirates?

No, there are no restrictions on the candidate’s nationality, the award includes all nationalities in the UAE community.

Is the registration available in Arabic and English?

Yes, the award registration form is available in both Arabic and English, you can register in either Arabic or English.

Is there a detailed guide for the Alef Education Award?

Yes, there is an explanatory guide for each category, which you can find on the award website.

Can teachers of Special Needs/POD participate?

No, the award categories do not include teachers of Special Needs/POD teachers.

Who conducts the evaluation?

The Alef Education Award depends mainly on the data provided by the Alef platform and the Alef Community, therefore the evaluation is automatic and electronic. In addition, there is an evaluation committee that includes a group of carefully selected qualified evaluators.

How can I choose which student category I should register for?

Read the criteria for each student category carefully, then choose the category that suits you.

You may also reach out to your school administration to receive guidance based on their analysis of your data on Alef Platform.

Can I participate in more than one of the student categories?

No, you can only participate in one category.